Quench Innovations generators work where there is humidity in the air to be converted to water, drought areas included, like Agriculture, Hospitals, and Industrial Customers.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities are required to have an available seven-day supply for disaster or emergency drinking water for each patient and staff members since water is vital to our very existence. Storing water is a serious challenge keeping it fresh and drinkable.  Quench Innovations units minimize this problem by constantly generating fresh water even when other sources of water are not available.

Communities and utility companies face the ever-growing demand for fresh water. All people, agriculture, and industries require a daily supply, even in drought or disaster conditions. Domestic and foreign utility suppliers are actively and meticulously seeking better and more efficient ways to produce low-cost water where there is a need. People everywhere expect and are conditioned to have water provided to them.

Quench Innovations units are designed to be placed to produce clean water wherever there is a need and operating conditions are present by using rugged shipping containers for portability and safe shipping. Our commercial units are also designed to operate on external power sources, like solar, diesel or propane generators. In the United States and around the world, standby water generators are needed in areas where the water infrastructure failures cut off water supplies – often for extended periods of time.

Who Needs a Quench Innovation Water Generator Machine?

Residential Customers who want a healthy and reliable source of great-tasting healthy water to replace tap water that is not “safe” without adding chemicals or the costly repackaged bottle water with questionable purity. We offer water to be healthy, mineralized, and alkaline.

Business & Agriculture Customers who want a reliable source of water that will help to keep employees healthy and productive and avoid cleaning or filtering the tap water, without changing heavy water bottles and avoid the forgotten cleaning that “green slime” that grows inside water-cooler tanks; and anyone bothered with storing and changing traditional bottles.

Quench Innovations generators are ideal for a continuous supply of fresh water for office personnel.

Water problems will only increase as more people need the dwindling supply of drinkable water. Quench Innovations is becoming the viable solution to this exploding national and global water shortage.

Water infrastructure becomes a community concern when another breakdown occurs — which could help explain why Global water systems are in such dismal shape. As long as people have water available, expensive upgrades or repairs can be delayed until “tomorrow.”

The problem, already urgent, is quite literally, growing by the day. How can this trend be reversed?

People have always depended on nature for water! That dependency now demands a change. “There are going to be some tough choices we’re going to have to make in the very near future,” Allaire said. (Maura Allaire, is a post-doctoral research scientist at the Columbia Water Center.)

Nature rescues us again. Quench Innovations has identified an overlooked, very large and much cleaner supply of that vital fluid. We are converting untapped atmospheric humidity (water-vapor found in air around us) into the water for our every need. Quench Innovations, using patented processes, alters that humidity for both human or agricultural needs. And it takes less filtering to make it clean.

Available now are the Quench Innovations and PureWater ™ larger, outdoor, higher capacity units that can even supply water for communities. Indoor units are being planned