Water is an essential resource for our healthy lives: hydration, food preparation, hygiene, cleaning, and in our daily activity.

Many, even in the US, suffer the limitations to access water, poor water quality, and water restriction due to drought.

AwG-H series allow you to be prepared, foresight the unimaginable, and give you the ability to be proactive:

  • Reliable and sustainable purified, healthy, mineralized drinking water.
  • Come from Nature’s water cycle at its cleanest stage, VAPOR.
  • Tasteful, free of water pathogens and chlorine.
  • It is a back-up water supply not only for you but also for your family.
  • Reduce your dependence on chemically purified water and expensive bottled water that fills our landfills.
  • Reduce environmental impact due to water bottle use.
  • Robust durability and available replace parts.

1/10th The Cost Of Bottled Water

Quench Innovations Water Costs 90% Less Than Bottled Water
Quench Innovations draws from an abundance of naturally occurring water in the air saving thousands of precious gallons that are becoming the “new” ecological source of water instead of water extracted from the ground.

What's In Your Water?

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