Potable water is an essential resource required to carry out military operations, missions, and training.

AwG-H series can benefit our Arm Force with onsite water generation. They will improve mission readiness, provide cost saving, and improve sustainability initiatives.

Our AwG water generators make water on-site rather than continuously transporting large amounts of water.

  • They provide a dependable source for drinkable water, vehicle maintenance, and medical treatment.
  • On-base drinking water supply – optionally transportable.
  • Expeditionary water systems.
  • Quick deployment in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.
  • Durably custom design and built for each general installation.
  • Pair with renewable sources of energy.

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221310 Water Supply Systems

237110 Water Treatment Plant Construction

312112 Spring Waters, Purifying and Bottling

333318 Ozone Machines for Water Purification Manufacturing

423720 Water Purification Equipment, Household-type, merchant wholesalers


4610 Water Purification Equipment

4620 Water Distillation Equipment, Marine and Industrial

3695 Miscellaneous Special Industry Machinery

S114 Utilities: Water Services

N046 Installation of Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Equipment

M1NE Operation of Water Supply Facilities

X1NE Lease/Rental of Water Supply Facilities

Y1NE Construction of Water Supply Facilities

Z1NE Maintenance of Water Supply Facilities

Z2NE Repair or Alteration of Water Supply Facilities

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