Safe drinking water is a crucial element when responding to humanitarian crises arising from natural disasters or by human actions. Our water generator, delivered to the point-of-need, produces continual water supply.

Our 6-stage filtration system avoids the spreading of diseases during emergency events.

The AwG series offers practical solutions for the provision of safe drinking water during humanitarian aid response.

  • Produce clean, safe, and pure drinking water.
  • Units are transportable.
  • They are adaptable designed for solar and other renewable energy power sources.
  • Reduce the logistic to storage and distributing water bottles and bladders.

The current approach in solving the water crisis around the world is the building of wells. However, we know that’s not good enough. SO here at Quench Innovations water generators we have a different approach. To be part of the solution

Save a childs life and give them the purest, and best water on the planet

Let us leave the era of devastating water supply around the glove and let Quench Innovations Water Generators take you to get a glimpse into the future of hope