Crops, livestock, and poultry operations require adequate water for farm uses.

Using water from the air in conjunction with Best Management Practice (BMP) demonstrate agriculture’s commitment to water resource protection, reduce cost and operate more efficiently without suffering water restrictions while you help protect the environment.

Water for the farm of the future with AwG-H series:

  • Dependable source of water for irrigation and livestock.
  • On-site sustainable clean water supply.
  • Units are portable, eliminating the use of water trucks and canals.
  • They can be configured to tie in directly to the existing irrigation system.
  • No produce Aquifer depletion or negative footprint.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • They are adaptable designed for solar and other renewable energy power sources.
  • No watering restrictions.

Increase your sustainability efforts with your resource of fresh water with AwG Today!

What's In Your Water?

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