Atmospheric Water Generator, LLC began in 2015 when Mel Gordon continued hearing many news stories and United Nations reports about the growing water problems around the globe. For Example, Utility Companies are seriously struggling to supply us with water by adding “safe” amounts of chlorine and fluoride to convert groundwater, often recycled, into “safe” water for you and me to drink and use for cooking. Bottled water, frequently unregulated, is growing in popularity despite its high cost and its negative plastic environmental impact. Drought conditions are growing all around our globe while populations are demanding “their rights” to have clean water for health and personal hygiene. We at Quench Innovations are offering our neighbors and the world a clean, sustainable water solution with no environmental impact.

As innovative leaders, we have already demonstrated that large amounts of clean water are available in the air we breathe. Atmospheric Water Generator, LLC, d/b/a Quench Innovations has the vision of supplying you and your neighboring homes, offices, farmers, hospitals, and industries with water solutions to humanely manage Global Warming.

Our AwG goal is largescale – Quenching Thirst Globally! You are part of the earth. We are helping our neighbors become water independent. Then continue on to do the same for the globe. The Quench Innovation Distribution team is here to assist you in all your water needs. Call Quench Innovations today.

Isabel Campos-Gordon, President

Isabel, with two triumphant decades in business marketing, sales, and company management, is proud of the distribution team we created to bring Quench Innovations water machines to you. Her aim is that you fully enjoy many happy years of delicious, nutritious Quench Innovations water.

Mel Gordon, CEO

Together with his decades of experience in air conditioning service, Mel witnessed many condensate drains fabricated to simply discard many gallons of water to dissipate back into the ground every day. Similarly, dehumidifiers collect very clear water that is also re-committed back to the ground.

Increasingly, over time Mel was persuaded by the ever-growing number of water shortage problems around the world. Mel felt like air conditioning water could be the key to alleviating some of these water problems by reclaiming this discarded water and put to much better use. That was his introduction to the air-to-water concept.

Researching this unfamiliar air-to-water industry (also known as Atmospheric Water Generator or AWG), Mel gathered facts about this currently very fragile industry struggling to make its presence known and become the sustainable source of clean water which it deserves. Accurate information was scarce with numerous AWG companies having dropped by the wayside from lack of support.

With the Global water challenges becoming louder, the AWG industry is finally getting its proper recognition. The increasing market for bottled water, which is largely unregulated and expensive, is one indication of the market demand for our sustainable water source.

Our AwG water has no impact on the environment, does not deplete the dwindling aquifer, we’re not building dams, not using city water; we’re only borrowing humidity in the air, which nature immediately replaces faster than you can drink it.

Quench Innovations is organized at the forefront to lead this water-from-air industry into its workable future. We want everyone, including you, to enjoy and brush your teeth with your own source of clean “AwG” water. This can be your most sustainable source of clean water now and into the future, and thereby help Quench Innovations continue on their mission to “Quench Thirst Globally”.

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