Atmospheric Water Generator, LLC began in 2015 when Mel Gordon was hearing many news reports about our utility companies increasing the amounts of chlorine to convert recycled water into tap water “safe” to drink. We all know that fluoride is a poison that needed to be safely deposed of so they added it to our tap water. Bottled water is growing in popularity despite its high cost and its negative plastic environmental impact. Drought conditions are growing even as our global population is demanding “their rights” to have more clean water.

Mel and Isabel Gordon, principals of Atmospheric Water Generator, LLC, share the vision of supplying your home, office, hospital, or industry with your pure water needs.

We have an ambitious goal – Quenching Thirst Globally! This quest has begun – you can be next! The Quench Innovations Distribution team is here to assist in all your water needs. Then to serve the world.